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[2017-07-21] KDDF MSD joint forces to quantum jump for novel drug development 10.25.2017

KDDF MSD joint forces to quantum jump for novel drug development

- Invitation opens on the 12th regarding a novel drug development task in the area of immune anticancer agents



Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) (Headed by Hyunsang Mook, hereafter Fund) has begun their invitation for a public participation of 'Joint R&D Program' to discover a novel substance to be licensed out which will have a high potential in the global market.


On the 12th (Wed), the fund had disclosed their request for proposal (RFP)  in immuno-oncology area from hit to ph II clinical trial stage. They had also announced that they will be receiving task proposals from private companies within the country, universities (Including medical institutions), government-funded research institutes, as well as public research institutes.


The application is submitted between Sep 18 to 22. The investigator who wishes to partake in the program may submit the application form and the relevant documents after confirming the details on the Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) website ()


This invitation for public participation holds significance as it is Top-Down novel drug development project which is being propelled on a global level. It is being processed jointly with MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme/ Merck for USA) from the project planning, preparation of the request for proposal to all steps of proposal review & evaluation, and collaborative research of the project.


The tasks submitted will undergo an assessment and review process by both KDDF and MSD. The management and implementation of the task will be performed by joint steering committee, participated by an equal number of representatives from the institution, KDDF and MSD. The final task selected will receive investments either by cash or goods from MSD and KDDF's R&D support.


Previously in June last year, the fund had formed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MSD regarding 'Joint R&D Program' for an immune anticancer treatment. Therefore, a strategic cooperation has been agreed for development and commercialization of the potential compound of Korean novel anticancer treatment regarding its search, selection and general support.


The fund also plans to hold a workshop in August to enhance the investigators' understanding of the details and target area of 'Joint R&D Program' by KDDF-MSD.


Hynsang Mook, the head of Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) mentioned "This invitation is a great chance to maximize the possibility to introduce drug development technique and to license out drug compounds, as well as strengthening the investment profit. It is a joint investment which reflects the requests of global multinational pharmaceutical companies regarding Korean novel drug compounds. At the upcoming workshop, we plan to introduce the details of the public participation and provide a chance for the investigators to share their latest opinions on global novel drug research and a place of cooperation by innovative companies. We look forward to your active participation and interest."