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[2017-06-27] KDDF actively pursues mutual cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies 10.25.2017

KDDF actively pursues mutual cooperation

with global pharmaceutical companies
- MOU formed with Servier for ‘Joint R&D program for cardiovascular diseases’


Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) (headed by Hyunsang Mook, hereafter KDDF) formed a business agreement with a Servier (Institut De Recherches Internationales Servier), a French multinational pharmaceutical company, on the 16th of June (Wed). Servier specializes in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is good to note that this agreement, for the upcoming joint R&D program for the research of cardiovascular diseases, was formed in the main conference room of the KDDF office.


KDDF has gained a chance to accelerate the process of technology transfer by this agreement. It allows for an active discovery of excellent research results within the country, based on the evaluation process and expertise of Servier; prior to the launch of the Joint R&D Program.


Servier is present in 146 different countries and invests 25% of their prescription-based medication sales into R&D. Servier is currently investing heavily in the 5 main areas of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, inflammatory immune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Three thousand researchers are actively conducting research for novel drug development in numerous laboratories, including the laboratories in France, Korea and other parts of the world. A number of clinical trials are also currently being conducted in Korea for Servier.


At the Joint R&D Program, KDDF and global pharmaceutical companies share the process of selection, investment and management of the projects. As the company that receives the technological asset becomes involved from the very beginning of the research and development, there is an increased likelihood of licensing out. Also, there is an added benefit of being able to learn the techniques used by global pharmaceutical companies in lead compound discovery during the project.


KDDF will announce a separate Request For Proposals (RFP) after the formation of MOU, where a joint decision-making committee will conduct the operation and management of the selected projects.


Hyunsang Mook, the head of KDDF has commented that “KDDF is promoting Joint R&D Programs as one of the key projects to maximize the possibility of technology transfer that reflects the needs of global pharmaceutical companies, as well as diffusing their expertise in novel drug development in the Korean industry. Through a strategic cooperation, we will focus on forming a long term relationship with Servier; in order to utilize their R&D and commercialization capabilities.”


Meanwhile, KDDF has conducted two Joint R&D Programs based on a planning and management scheme. This covered the areas of the investment structure, operation method, procedures, and items of agreement. The programs were conducted with Johnson & Johnson Innovation for the development of a novel drug for type 2 diabetes, and MSD for an anticancer drug. Furthermore, discussions relating to the program are currently ongoing with other global pharmaceutical companies.