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KDDF, to convey ‘CRO Management Techniques’ to Domestic Researchers 09.10.2012
KDDF, to convey ‘CRO Management Techniques’ to Domestic Researchers
- To be Discussed: Efficient Utilization Methods at ‘Outsourcing Management’ Session of Bio Korea -

○ CEO DH Lee, of the Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF), will convey know-how to domestic researchers concerning CRO management techniques at a special session of the BioKorea conference to be held on September 12th-14th.

○ Recently, the utilization of CROs by domestic pharmaceutical companies and drug development researchers has increased for the development of new drugs, but this has not been leveraged to its full potential in terms of strategic partnerships.

○ Thus, the KDDF has selected this event to discuss outsourcing strategies and their operation, during a gathering with global CRO experts and domestic new drug development researchers, with an aim to contribute to the improvement of new drug development.

○ The session ‘Outsourcing Management’, sponsored by the KDDF, to be held on the afternoon of the 13th, will be convened as the 1st track session of ‘Business Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry’ to be headed by the leadership of CEO DH Lee.

○ It will outline the strategy of outsourcing and partnership for joining with global CRO/CMO experts for sufficient utilization of CROs working with strategic partners in new drug development.

○ Lecturers will present on the “Use of Innovation & Technology for Better Decision Making” and “CRO Utilization as an Aid for Development of Clinical Substances”. Subsequently, panel discussions will take place among local & foreign experts.

○ DH Lee stated that, “This session is being held to convey the necessary know-how in processing research with overseas CROs, and therefore is expected to provide practical assistance to domestic researchers”.

○He also mentioned, “Not only to boost new drug development capability through continuously providing these types of opportunities, but also in  executing the role of the professional consultant, so that domestic new drug development capabilities will be strengthened and the potential for success will be heightened”.

○ In addition, the KDDF signed an MOU with the global CRO PAREXEL last June, actively exploring ways to strengthen the domestic development of new drugs.