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KDDF-201410-09 Development of Anti-Glaucoma Drug with a Novel Mechanism of Action(Others, Chemical) [03.04.2015]


Development and Market Objectives

To discover and develop a preclinical candidate with novel mechanism, good efficacy and excellent safety profile for novel treatment options for glaucoma patients.

Unmet Medical Need & Target Patients

-There are approximately 583,000 patients suffered from glaucoma in South Korea and about 66% of patients are over 50’s in age. Various treatment options including prostaglandin derivatives are well-established, however, there are highly unmet medical needs in that significant percentage of glaucoma patient population does not respond to the standard medications in terms of IOP (IntraOcular Pressure) reduction, and some patient groups demonstrate a variety of side effects. 
-Therefore, a novel therapeutics, as a single agent and/or combination with current drugs, in order to overcome the current issues is highly needed in the glaucoma market


-We have identified a novel target as well as its new mechanism of action, and we have successfully validated a possibility that its antagonism would provide first-in-class therapeutics for glaucoma treatment. The current lead series compounds showed excellent efficacy in vitro and in vivo. 
-Currently, the project is at the lead optimization stage, through which the compound profile is being improved and will be ready for preclinical candidate selection. 

Intellectual Property

The patent for materials was submitted to the USPTO in Jan. 2016

Competitive Advantages

-This is a first-in-class glaucoma therapeutics with the goal to have superior efficacy and lower side effect over current standard therapies.
-Due to its novel mechanism, which has never been explored in glaucoma therapeutics, it would show a good efficacy with sufficient IOP reduction especially in the patients who do not respond sufficiently to the current standards. And with the same reason, it may well have a synergistic efficacy in combination with standard therapies, which would provide another rationale to use this compound to the refractory patient groups. Overall, compounds having abovementioned features will generate a good market share in the glaucoma therapeutic sector.


Others (Glaucoma)

Research Period

Feb. 01, 2015 - Oct. 31. 2016


Handok Inc.

Developmental Stage

Lead optimization

Additional Information

Contact Information

Address Company Name: Handok Inc.
WebSite Homepage: http://// Contact Person: Hee Seung Kwon
E-mail: Contact: +82-31-628-0158

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