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KDDF-201304-05 Development of Novel Acute Heart Failure Medicine Targeting Actin-Myosin Cycle(Cardiovascular Diseases, Chemical) [07.23.2013]


Development and Market Objectives

To develop a medicine for cardiovascular disease, especially ‘acute heart failure’ to substitute current therapeutics that exhibit significant side effects, and to promote partnership with global pharmaceutical companies for development and commercialization

Unmet Medical Need & Target Patients

In the United States there are approximately 5,000,000 patients with insufficient myocardial contractility, with 550,000 patients newly diagnosed each year. These numbers continue to grow.

Insufficient myocardial contractility mainly arises in the elderly, with more than 70% of hospitalized patients over 70 years of age in Europe. It is the most common disease in over 65 year -olds in the U.S, with 80% of patients in this age group afflicted. 50% of patients are re-hospitalized within 6 months after discharge and the mortality rate is almost 20%. At present, treatment for this disease involves the usage of therapeutics to target underlying symptoms such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. The development of new treatments for improving heart contractility is critically needed.  The usage of inotropics has been employed for treatment of cardiac insufficiency for decades, but is limited due to side effects including arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, higher oxygen consumption and sometimes death, despite rapid improvement in clinical symptoms and maintenance of haemotological stability.


The development of new therapeutics that will improve heart contractility with new mechanisms of action is currently underway. It is expected that new candidates will not exhibit excessive side effects.

New candidate substances with high efficacy have been identified through cellular experiments and animal testing, with no toxicity detected in cytotoxicity tests. These substances will be examined for efficacy, toxicity and metabolism to select suitable candidates for further clinical development.

Intellectual Property

A patent application is in progress.

Competitive Advantages

Novel mechanism: These candidates have a novel mechanism of action that is distinct from existing heart stimulants.

High remedial effects: High efficacy for the induction of heart contractility in cellular experiments and animal testing has been observed, and therefore high remedial effects are expected in clinical trials.
Safety: Low side effects and toxicity are expected in clinical trials, due to current in-vitro and animal model data.


Cardiovascular Diseases

Research Period

Jun. 15, 2013-Nov. 14, 2014


Shinpoong Pharm. Co., Ltd.

Developmental Stage

Lead Optimization

Additional Information

Contact Information

Address Company Name: SHIN POONG PHARM.CO.,LTD.
WebSite Homepage: Contact Person: Dong Soo Kim
E-mail: Contact: 82-31-492-5789

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