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KDDF-201304-06 Development of New Therapeutic Drug for Neuropathic Pain from 5-Membered Heterocyclic Derivatives(CNS Diseases, Chemical) [07.23.2013]


Development and Market Objectives

To use advanced research techniques to identify lead natural product compounds for the alleviation of Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain (CINP) that are effective to alleviate the condition.

Unmet Medical Need & Target Patients

Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain (CINP)

Table 1. Clinical trial results for existing and combination drugs for the treatment of CINP

Drug/Combination Tested Study Result
Lyrica Failed
Lidoderm Failed
Procrit Failed
Amitriptyine/ketamine/baclofen Limited efficacy
Existing therapeutic obstacles for neuropathic pain
- Analysis of the effectiveness and side effects of currently available medicines for CINP reveals that greater efficacy and fewer side effects related to the central nervous system are critical factors for the development of new therapeutics.  
- Gabapentin and Pregabalin are the most commonly prescribed therapeutics but are relatively ineffective for adequate pain relief (effective for less than 30% of patients → which needs to be improved to more than 50%)
- No lasting cure exists and drugs targeting the central nervous system commonly cause side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness.
- Administration of high drug concentrations is not possible due to a small margin of safety.


Currently investigating candidate compounds from natural extracts and MoA of derivatives that have confirmed efficacy through various tests.

Currently formulating combination therapies with 1) high efficacy 2) low side effects, 3) good indicators of promising candidates.

Intellectual Property

Name of patent: heterocyclic derivate, method of its manufacture and medical therapeutics that include it (Application number: 10-2013-0046117)

Extent of rights: heterocyclic derivate and medical compounds or hydrates that include the heterocyclic derivate for curing or relieving pain, acute pain, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, after surgery pain, migraine, arthralgia pain and includes tolerance limits.

Competitive Advantages

Patent: In consideration of the advanced research skills required to identify the compound, the possibility for patent protection, as no clear patent obstacles exist and the new compounds will represent first-in-class therapeutics.

Effectiveness: A wide range of indications and strong efficacy is expected

MoA: A novel mechanism of action is predicted.

TOX: Mouse survival, weight, defecation, physical behavior, and organs status such as that of the liver, spleen, stomach and intestine have remained unchanged after administration of 5g/kg over 7 days. Side effects are considerably lower than for Gabapentin.


Neuropathic Pain

Research Period

Jul.1 , 2013 ~ Mar. 31 , 2014


Hallym University

Developmental Stage

Lead Generation

Additional Information

Patent application; KR 10-2013-0046117

Contact Information

Address Company Name: Hallym University
WebSite Homepage: Contact Person: Hong-Won Suh
E-mail: Contact: +82-33-248-3181

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