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KDDF-201202-09 Discovery of Novel Ionotropic Agent Targeting Actin-Myosin Cycle(Cardiovascular Diseases, Chemical) [01.04.2013]


Development and Market Objectives

•      A new preclinical candidate for heart failure treatment that acts as a cardiac myosin activator will be derived.

•      A study on the discovery and structural optimization of the new drug candidate substance for heart failure treatment will be conducted.

•      A study on efficacy verification, mechanism of action, ADME and PK/PD of the  new drug candidate substance for heart failure treatment will be conducted.

•      A study on intellectual property evaluation and formulation development of the new drug candidate substance for heart failure treatment will be conducted.


Unmet Medical Need & Target Patients

•      The number of patients with heart failure is 5 million in the US and 550,000 patients die from the condition every year. The prevalence rate is 2.8%.

•      The market for drugs for acute heart failure was approximately 2.8 trillion won in 2009 and is expected to be approximately 3.6 trillion won in 2017. It is growing by 2.5% every year.

•      Since the existing commercial drugs for acute heart failure exhibit low safety and efficacy, treatments are effective for approximately 50% of all patients.  

•      The undeveloped market size is estimated to be 1.6 trillion won (2009).


•      Since 2009, this study has been a core institute project of the Research Institute for Drug Development at Chungnam National University.

•      To date, a variety of JSH2236 derivatives have been assessed and 30 species of a group of active substances are confirmed.

•      Shinpoong Pharmaceuticals recognize the possibility and marketability of new drug development for the new substance, and are promoting technology transfer and joint research.


Intellectual Property

Currently in preparation of patent application

Competitive Advantages

•      The effect of JSH2236 derivatives with ionotropic activity is to promote energy efficiency. These substances contract myocardial cells with little or no changes in calcium concentration. 

•      A similar drugs that is currently under development is omecamtiv mecarbil (OMM). Clinical Phase 2 is being conducted by Cytokinetics in the US.

•      OMM is being developed for infusion. 

•      SH2236 derivatives have similar effects to OMM, but the margin of safety is very wide. Since it is orally administrated as well as injected, it is a very promising material for new drug development.



Cardiovascular Diseases

Research Period

May 01, 2012 ~Apr. 30, 2013


Chungnam University

Developmental Stage

Lead compound identification

Additional Information

Licensing-out to a local company

Contact Information

Address Company Name: Chungnam National University College of Pharmacy
WebSite Homepage: Contact Person: Professor, Sang-Hun Jung
E-mail: Contact: 042-821-5939

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