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KDDF-201509-13 Development of novel anti-cancer reagent targeting glioma stem cells(Oncology, Chemical) [01.26.2016]


Development and Market Objectives

-Glioblastoma(GBM) is the most aggressive type of malignant brain tumors. Despite multimodal treatment with surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, the prognosis of GBM is poor, with a median survival of 15 months. 
-Failure of GBM treatment is largely attributed to its highly recurrent characteristic as well as easily obtained resistance against standard therapeutics. Emerging evidence suggests that glioma stem cells, only a small portion of GBM, might contribute to tumor recurrence and resistance, making the current treatment frustrating.
-Here, this project is aiming to develop First-In-Class drugs for targeting glioma stem cells.

Unmet Medical Need & Target Patients

-Most GBM patients treated with concurrent therapies experience relapse within a year. In the case of recurrent glioblastoma, they no longer show any response to the therapy, followed by poor prognosis. Drugs for treating the recurrent patient, however, haven’t been developed, yet. We need novel approach to treat the cases.
-Cancer stem cells have been identified from many cancers, and its functional significance was well elucidated. Especially, glioma stem cell has been reported to contribute to multiple aspects of GBM tumor biology, including the initiation, progression, diffusive infiltration, recurrence and drug resistance of glioma. Although many biotech companies have tried to develop targeted therapy for cancer stem cells, most of the drugs were poor in therapeutic efficacy and had significant side effects. Therefore, we need to develop new drugs, targeting cancer stem cells with exceptional therapeutic efficacy and specificity.


-Developed one hit in glioma stem cell model
-Confirmed therapeutic efficacy to the compound in PDX model
-We are trying to validate clinical importance of our targets.
-We are preparing new compounds with different scaffolds. 

Intellectual Property

-Patents are under preparation.

Competitive Advantages

-Since there has been no specific inhibitor for cancer stem cells in the market, our attempt to develop the drugs will be easier to open up a new market space, compared to other target agents.
-It is the first targeted agent for recurrent glioblastoma. We don’t have other competitors for the glioma stem cell targeting agents.
-Combination with current therapeutic agents will demonstrate synergistic effects, boosting market economy.



Research Period



Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy

Developmental Stage


Additional Information

Contact Information

Address Company Name: Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy
WebSite Homepage: Contact Person: Park Jong Bae, Professor and Department Chair
E-mail: Contact: 82-31-920-2450

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