Introduction of the KDDF

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The Trans-Governmental, Full Cycle Novel Drug Development Project has been launched as a national R&D project. It is operated jointly by the ministries which have been supporting the area of novel drug development- The Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Ministry of Health and Welfare.


For the project duration of 9 years between 2011 and 2020, annual investments of 30 ~75 billion won will be made and 200 projects will be sponsored in total, based on the total project budget of 1.06 trillion won (0.53 trillion won from the government funding and 0.53 trillion won from the private funding).

KDDF aims to transform Korea into a novel drug developing country with a global presence. It has an ambition to establish a business platform, which allows for the development of more than 10 global novel drugs by 2020.


KDDF will also form groups of professionals and channels between academic relations, government and corporations in order to select excellent projects. With a continuous investment over the full cycle of novel drug development, concentrated investments made in projects with good feasibility, as well as continuous managing and monitoring of milestones, the chances of developing novel drugs are expected to be much heightened.

KDDF will further grow to be a novel drug development organization on a global scale, by transforming itself from a grant organization into an investing organization.


  • KDDF is the Best Gateway to license-in blockbuster drug candidates from Korea.
  • KDDF’s R&D pipeline comes from academia, hospitals, research institutes, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
  • The pipeline covers all stage of drug development from lead to clinical stage.
  • KDDF's selection process and project management comply with global standard.